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2024 NACRA CyberQuest

FEATURING 8 Cyber Events

8 Training Events and Manager Demos  
Thurs 02/22/24 -  Fri 02/23 - Sat 02/24/2024

NEW!  Workforce Cyber Roles Evaluations DEMO


presented live by INL Idaho National Labs in partnership with COGENT Cyber Workforce Skills Platform 

 Cyber Workforce Evaluation Tool DEMO – in-person only

  • Featured Event for Leadership, Managers, HR – cyber work roles evaluation tool
    • Thursday,  2/22  On Site Workshop   1:00pm – 3:00 and 3 to 4pm open discussions 
      • You assess your Risks to identify solutions for threats to systems 
      • Now assess your people  to identify work role gaps before buying training
      • See this unique cyber workforce Evaluation Tool from Idaho National Labs
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Presented by creator of Cyber-CHAMP, Dr Shane Stailey Manager Idaho National Laboratory

Cyber IT Students and Operator: 6 Workshops: valuable Cyber Skills hand-on Events – virtual

    • Entry Level Thursday,  2/22  Workshop   9:00am – 1:00pm MST
    • IntermediateThursday,  2/22  Workshop   2:00pm – 6:00pm MST
    • Entry Level – Friday,  2/23  Workshop   9:00am – 1:00pm MST
    • IntermediateFriday,  2/23  Workshop    2:00pm – 6:00pm
    • Entry Level Saturday,  2/24  Workshop    9:00am – 1:00pm MST
    • IntermediateSaturday,  2/24  Workshop    2:00pm – 6:00pm MST 
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both Entry and Intermediate Level Experiences

Free Workshop Level 1  – Online Instructional Training with Live Support

You’ll Learn Attack and Defend Tools and Techniques

Training: This is a workshop for those with a little, or a lot of cyber lab, open source tools or range experience. 

Get 4 Hours Support:  Participant’s have Live Support via MS-Teams from their start time for 4 hours.

Visit the Registration link below to pick a date and time. 

Offered Feb 22 –24 register and pick a date

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Free Workshop Level 2  – Online Instructional Training with Live Support

Enterprise Tools Training and Exercises

Workshop:  Intermediate level experience with cyber tools and command line is helpful here. These are fun and supported exercises with live help if needed. Provides 4 Hours Live Support : This event is for those understand cyber offense and defense strategies and tool. Seasoned cyber defenders, pentesters will enjoy the CTF type activity mapped to incident responders. 

Visit the Registration link below to pick a date and time. 

Offered Feb 22 –24 register and pick a date

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NACRA Preferred Cyber Range and Skills Platform – EVENT WEEK

The week of February 19th 2024, the North American Cyber Range Alliance (NACRA) is offering a series of hands-on interactive cybersecurity workshops AT NO COST.  We will provide an experience to anyone interested in cybersecurity careers, and those experienced in the field to test drive Work Role specific tasks using Cyber Range Labs and Exercises. These are representative of skills training on tools used for discovering and defending against criminals attacks.  Everyone is eligible to participate, including those in high schools, higher education, business/public sector professional practitioners.  These interactive workshops are made possible without cost through the generosity of  ‘Participating NACRA Organizations’, and NACRA’s  ‘Preferred Range Partners’.  


Participants are expected to abide by ethical and professional standards similar to those required of any professional workplace. 

For more information on the NACRA Alliance visit  NACRA!

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