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ABL Cyber Academy
NACRA CyberQuest 2022

Cyber CFT type Workshops
10/19 thru 10/22

Pre-registration NOW OPEN … reserve your seat for the NACRA ABL Cyber Workshop – October 19-22nd

The Cogent Cyber Range bring both Cyber IT and OT job role specific training skills and education to ABL Cyber Academy. ABL is a NACRA Alliance range provider and the Cogent Range is the place to test drive what a Vulnerability Assessor job involves.
The Workshop: the Cogent Cyber Range Workshop trains you on job task activities.
Attendee Cyber Job training is “mapped” to the many exercise activities using the (NICE) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education’s,  Job Skills Mapping Tool and Framework.
If you are new to cyber training, upon completing this workshop you will have accomplished your first directly related workforce required skills training in cybersecurity. This workshop is resume worthy. Whether just starting out, or adding to current abilities, you’ll want to show off your worksop cyber skills on LinkedIn or other cyber professional forums.

What is NACRA


Cyber ranges which join the North American Cyber Range Alliance (NACRA) affirm their commitment to taking an ethical, safe, collaborative, inclusive, respectful, and legal approach to cyber range operations.
The NACRA ethos is to create live-fire cybersecurity learning environments in which veterans of cybersecurity and aspiring learners of the discipline can collaborate.
Given the tremendous responsibility of those who possess cybersecurity skills, both NACRA range volunteers and visitors to NACRA ranges are expected to abide by ethical and professional standards similar to those required of any professional workplace.  

Pick 1 day and a time below – either Virtual or On-site

ABL Cyber Academy – Cogent Cyber OT Range


What will you learn in this workshop

About this EVENT 

What will I be doing?

Attendees will perform exploits on a vulnerable website using the OWASP program toolkit ZAP.  You train to identity weaknesses and to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information from data tables connected to the website.  You will see how the bad actors use these vulnerabilities for theft, destruction and ransome of systems. The ZAP collection of tools is part of 100’s of Kali Linux preinstall tools for assessment and attack within multiple web and network services. You will then create documentation of the  vulnerabilities found and consider what steps you could take to prevent such damage from occuring.  

Who is this Workshop for?

This Workshop is for anyone to gain new understanding and important hands-on cyber vulnerability assessment skills. Support is ready when you need it through onscreen guides to explain how to use the tools and provide hints or even tell you what to do next to “keep progressing and learning”.
Advanced cyber operatives will find the workshop a valuable review and refresher to hone current skills and develop a few new skills.

How do I access the Workshop Cyber Range?

Each participant is provided 30-day access to our Web App Secure Assessment Exercise on the Cogent Cyber Range training platform. No credit card or obligation by registering to participate.

ABL Cogent Range Skills for Cyber and OT ICS Careers

JOBS in Cyber OT Operational Technology requires skills to protect energy, water, transportation, pharma = saving lives

Train on relevant, compelling labs with task level activities specific to industry OT job roles. Entering a job, or upskilling to a Cyber OT Security team, we educate and train you to understand how to assess and defend a system using the needed on-system practice, and doing the job tasks for building repeatable job skill sets. 

JOBS in Cybersecurity – learn skills to protect data, cloud infrastructure and  assets = increasing economic stability

Today OT and Cyber must work together to be effective in securing and defending both IT and OT systems. IT systems now connect to OT with IT systems. Cyber specialists must have both knowledge and skills to assess, identify and protect against threats to weak organizational security. Train through the eyes of the adversary for protecting organizational assets. 

OVERVIEW – Cogent Cyber OT Range 

Monitor Training and Assess Job Role Gaps  Great for: Colleges, K-12 and Corp Training 

Cogent Range offers full visibility into learner progress with Extensive Live Monitoring

COGENT CYBER RANGE provides the critical view into student retention and understanding by monitoring the highly interactive training for validate repeatable skills transfer. IT and OT training progress is “measured in real-time”,  not like conventional end of training evaluations or testing. Dashboard reports provide executive summaries for company management and IT OT leadership.  K-12 and College educators find job-role level task and skills reporting invaluable for accurate student progress and measurable results. Identify specific skills a learners is struggling to complete or retain. 

Build the Training You Need in a few Hours 
or Cogent Range SME’s will build it for You 

Custom Cyber ICS OT or IT Cyber exercises, attack practice scenarios and labs – quickly

Few training platforms provide a Custom Exercise Builder, so simple and fast to use creating customized exercises. If you need assessments or system specific training to onboard, upskill and improve Cyber Culture with threat awareness, we will build it for you, or you can take the wheel. This creation tool allows you to update, or make changes when needed for labs, exercises or attack scenarios, for your organizational training to match an student course or an actual system. Contact us to see this tool in action.

Practice = Awareness and Confidence to Act 
Cogent Range Cyber; compelling ICS OT IT 

Hands-on training = repeatable Skills – Job role ready = Cogent Cyber training + Education

Training and Education are two distinctly different activities and high proficiency in IT OT Cyber tasks must include engaging hands-on skills development using clear, compelling and local tasks related to specific job roles. The combination of ICS OT Cyber task practice, creates the identifiable skill.  
The Cogent OT Cyber Range platform maps these tasks into objectives based on the NIST NICE Skills Mapping Tool, allowing for the development of real-world experience through intensive industry specific training exercises, where students learn by doing.