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2 Levels of Cyber Challenges
1 - Advanced ATTACK on IT/OT-Incident Responce 
2 - Intermediate Workshops - Stop Malware Attack 
10/17/23  thru 10/21/2023

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NACRA CyberQuest Events 2023


During the week of October 16th 2023, the North American Cyber Range Alliance (NACRA) is offering a series of hands-on interactive cybersecurity workshops AT NO COST.  The intent is to expose those interested in cybersecurity careers and those with experience in the field to the professional challenges that nation state and criminal adversaries present to those protecting our nation.    

Everyone is eligible to participate, including those in high schools, higher education, business/public professional practitioners, invited guests and the community.  These interactive workshops are made possible without cost through the generosity of  ‘Participating NACRA Organizations’, and NACRA’s  ‘Preferred Range Partners’.   

Participants are expected to abide by ethical and professional standards similar to those required of any professional workplace. 

For more information on the NACRA Alliance visitNACRA!


Two Levels of CYBER EVENTS

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Advanced EVENT Start – Level 2 ONLY

                            • This is a “Shotgun Start”
                            • 0900 MST Oct 17 Snooze you Loose” sign-up. 


                            • Hundreds of $’s in Amazon eGift Cards
                            • awarded to Top 5, Level 2 Advanced Challenge Players
                            • Determined by fastest times and highest points in “Stopping the Attack”

Workshop Level 1  – Instructional Training on a real-world Attack

You’ll Learn Attack and Defend tactics


Training: This is a workshop for those with a little, or a lot of cyber lab, and open source tools or range experience. Goal = Knock down the active attack.  Be ready for some challenging twists.  Don’t worry, this defender workshop has plenty of HINTS. You are guaranteed to finish and to learn new tools and tactics. 

Who should attend: Those who have been on labs and cyber ranges with good basic skills of 5 Phases of ethical hacking, using recon, pcap analysis, running kali linux or similar hacking OS with all the tools.  Participants may be a team or single participant.

Get 48 Hours:  Participant’s chosen sign-up date will begin the 48 hours of access to complete the Blue Team defense scenario.  Live Support via MS-Teams begins each day at 10:00am and ends each day at 5:00pm PST. 

Duration Oct 17-21 – pick start date, get 2 days Access

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Level 2  – You Must Stop the Attack


Enterprise Attacked – Prevent a Disaster!


Competition:  How good are you? Find out over 5 days of access using both Red and Blue Team CTF Skills. Who will get the prize and brag rights?  If you think only a CEH is your ticket, get some hands-on practice or go with the Cyber Smack Down Workshop instead. Or give it whirl and identify areas to work on. No help or hints provided here. Scoring is based on highest points and fastest time to remediate attacks. 

Who should attend: This event is for those who eat and sleep cyber offense and defense – seasoned cyber defenders, pentesters and system incident responders (intermediate to advanced cyber skills).  Participants may be a team or single participant.

*24 Hours per Day for 5 days: this event starts 9am Tues 10/17 and runs through 9pm Sat 10/21

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