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ABL CyberQ Range CTF – 2 Levels of Play!

real world hands-on cyber skills for your job role

TWO levels of Competition for Advanced and Newer/Intermediate Players to Select

CTF1 – Hacking Essentials

Virtual – with online Live Support

What is Hacking Essentials CTF1

Hacking Essentials is for those new to CTF’s or need a Tools Refresh
– You’ll get a combo of training on the skills and tools you need to have success in CTF competitions. You’ll then attend our CTF just for this group
– ABL CyberQ Range is an (ATP) Approved Training Partner of EC-Council, a global leader in Cyber Security Training and best known for CEH, Certified Ethical Hacker.
– You’ll receive access to your training 2 weeks in advance of the CTF. The training has 12 video modules per course. Each provides you a Certificate of Completion.

Your Three Essentials courses provided at no cost from ABL Cyber Range

(EHE) Ethical Hacking Essentials
a first-of-its-kind MOOC (massive open online course) certification that provides foundational knowledge and skills in ethical hacking with add-on labs for hands-on experience. The course contains 12 modules covering fundamental ethical hacking concepts, including emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and OT (operational technology, cloud computing, etc.

(NDE) Network Defense Essentials
knowledge and skills in network security with add-on labs for hands-on experience. The course includes 12 modules and optional upgrades to lab ranges covering fundamental network security concepts, including IoT, cryptography, and PKI.

(DFE) Digital Forensics
knowledge and skills on digital forensics with add-on labs for hands-on experience. 12 modules cover the fundamental concepts of digital forensics, such as dark web forensics, investigating web application attacks, and more.

NOTE: ALL 3 courses have Certification Exams IF you find value in going further

There’s more – Week of 02-14
EMCC Estrella Mountain Comm College provides Cyber Tools PrepEstrella Community College – Cyber CTF Tools Prep
– After registering for Hacking Essentials, you’ll receive an email with course access instructions.
– You will pick a day to attend Cyber Tools Prep once you are registered. This is hands-on practice using the Cyber Tools you learned in the Essentials Training Course – now you get to practice these tools! Use these tools to compete in your CTF event on Wednesday 02-23 or Friday 02-25.
– This is a Great Cyber Training opportunity to learn skills or refresh!

CTF2 – Hack the Power GRID

Virtual with online Live Support

What is Hack the Grid CTF2

CTF2Hack the Grid is a full Electrical Power Utility infrastructure with servers, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) control system connected to PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), and more.
– These systems have exploitable vulnerabilities. You will have “full run of the infrastructure” to attack, exploit and compromise these insecurities without the constraints of a limited simulation. Do it your way!
– The CTF will open and be available for players to begin and end at the same start and end times. Once you start this CTF, you have 8 hours before the clock runs out to capture all flags.
– Email instructions for access and basic info needed will be provided days before the CTF2 on Feb 24 Thur, or Feb 26 Saturday start. Follow registration instructions below.

Schedules and Registration

Hack the Grid CTF2

for Advanced level – serious challenge

  • Register on calendar below
  • Advanced CTF – 8 Hour Window to Play
    • Date: 02-24 or 02-26
    • Start/End: AZ time: 0900 to 1700
  • Got cyber skills? Bring ’em
  • This CTF is NOT a Simulation
    • Live ICS components, SCADA box, servers, PLC’s, and more
    • Vulnerable infrastructure, many flags to capture
  • More DETAILS released days before competition

“Hacking Essentials CTF1”

for New Player or need a refresher

    • Register on calendar below
    • 2 days after registering you receive access to complete the three Essentials courses (descriptions above) before 02-14
    • Use your original registration email to select a date to attend the EMCC CTF tools review and practice
  • Your are now prepared for your CTF competition on 02-23 or 2-25
    • CTF start/end: AZ time: 1500 to 1900